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Kelsey Pup is hopefully at this very moment sunning herself in her new backyard while the Border Collie, Lacy, tries to convince herself that she will be top dog in the house. Ain't gonna work girlfriend, Kelsey is a bossy girl who doesn't take kindly to any one trying to undermine her authority. Just ask Smithers.
Speaking of Smithers, you can really notice how much grayer he's gotten in the last year between that photo and a newer one.


Let the doggies be happy in their new homes...let your children be happy with you. And if things don't work out, I have room for Smithers here.


And perhaps you can take solace too that the last picture of Smithers on your site was a snapshot...of his anus.

Would you look at length of that dog! How can his torso be as big as yours?

Play that barking YouTube bit of the dogs again, will ya? They are two great, funny dogs.


Better to have had a rear and lost, than never to have had a rear at all... :-)

Library Cat

I am so glad the dogs are finding good homes. I feel for you all, no easy solutions to this problem. And I hope Adam feels better soon.

Frank Lefkin

Have you checked behind the sofa?

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